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Working Hard to protect our environment!

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Recycling Made Easy!
     It use to be that you could only recycle a couple of things, like aluminum cans and newspaper. Times have changed and Heartland Disposal has worked hard to find sources that will take more recyclables.
     Not only that but has made it easier for you to recycle. By providing you with a large recycling cart with wheels like your trash cart. So you don't have to lug heavy recycling bins to the curb. With new technology you don't have to sort or remove labels just throw it in the recycling cart.
     Heartland Disposal takes more recyclables then anyone in the area. Keeping our communities clean! Reducing the demand on our landfill! And, protecting our environment! Together we can make this world a better place.

Recycle Rewards
The area's BEST curb side recycling program and it's simple to use! Recycle Rewards:
  • Takes more recyclable items.
  • No Sorting of recyclables.
  • Large cart with wheels for easy hauling to curb.
  • Rewards you back. Learn more click here.

Sign up for Residential Recycle Rewards today! Click Here.

Community Recycling Center
Bring your cardboard to the recycling center. The center is:
  • FREE to everyone
  • Open 7:30 - 4:30 Monday - Friday
  • Accepts all Cardboard.

Click here for directions to the center.